This is our cake section.  We make cakes for our children and occasionally for friends.  Not professional at all (as you can see from the decorating itself).  I hope you enjoy them.  Yes yes, we realize spending a couple weeks on a cake is a waste of time, but it's fun.


Sydney's Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Cake (10th - 2012)

Hannah's Nightmare Before Christmas Cake (8th - 2012)

Sydney's Pirates of the Caribbean Cake (9th - 2012)

Hannah's Monkey Cake (7th - 2011)

Sydney's Fantasy Cake (8th - 2011)

Hannah's Alice in Wonderland Cake (6th - 2010)

Sydney's Animal Cake (7th - 2010)

Hannah's Peter Pan Cake (5th - 2009)

Marissa's Baby Shower Cake (2009)

Sydney's Dragon Cake (6th - 2009)

Hannah's Super Mario Galaxy Cake (4th - 2008)

Sydney's Dino Cake (5th- 2008)

Hannah's Elmo Cake (3rd - 2007)

Jacob's Halo Cake (11th - 2007)

Peyton's Strawberry Shortcake Cake (4th - 2007)

Sydney's Fairy Cake (4th - 2007)

Hannah's Halloween Cake  (2nd - 2006)

Sydney's Dora the Explorer Birthday  (3rd - 2006)

Hannah's Bug Factory Birthday  (1st - 2005)

Marty and Kathy's Beach Anniversary  (25th - 2005)

Sydney's Little Mermaid Birthday (2nd - 2005)

Gaby's Rainbow and Flower Birthday (4th - 2004)

Britney's Wheel of Fortune Birthday (31st - 2004)

Jayne's Elmo Birthday (2nd - 2004)

Sydney's Lady Bug Birthday (1st - 2004)

Philadelphia's Underwater Birthday

Gaby's Bugs and Flowers Birthday (1st)



Q:  OMG, how can you cut into that?!

A:  Easiest thing ever.  After a couple weeks every night working on it.  I'm sick of it and worrying that something is going to fall off.  Eating that thing is the end.  Yum.


Q:  Are you professionals?

A:  Not even close, we make 2 cakes a year for our daughters.  Maybe 3 if we volunteer for a friend.  Our culinary skills have not improved since we started with this much "practice".


Q:  You know someone would pay a lot of money for a cake like that.

A:  I have yet to be offered "a lot of money" for a cake.


Q:  Why don't you start a cake business?

A:  Honestly, I don't think it would be fun if we did that.


Q:  How much do you charge?

A:  For the cakes we've volunteered, we've only asked to cover the parts.


Q:  Why didn't you do this?  Or that?

A:  I probably wish I did "this or that".  Once we make the plan it's really hard to turn back halfway through and believe me I usually have all kinds of ideas after the fact but if we change the plan we truly won't finish the cake in time.  I have about 849 what ifs after every cake that just drive me crazy but that's just how it is.


Q:  How long does a cake take?

A:  We usually think about it for a couple nights 2 weeks ahead of time.  Then start working, so generally a week and a half of structure and animation.  We always do the "cake" portion the night before which seems to take us until 4 am regardless.


Q:  How much money do you put into each cake?

A:  No idea, don't want to know really.  I order all kinds of what if type of stuff along with what I know I'll use for every cake so what I spend is never what it really costs.  That's ok though because it will come in handy some day.


Q:  What recipe do you use?

A:  Box cakes!


Q:  What kind of frosting do you use?

A:  Canned, Betty Crocker I believe it is.  We'd like to start using buttercream some day since it sets up to a nice hard crust and is much easier to use.  We just don't like the taste so we stick with the bought stuff.


Q:  What do you do with them when you're done?

A:  Trash'em.  I have no desire to do the same cake twice.  If I have to do the same theme again I'd prefer to improve or make a whole new design.



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